About the C&S Auto Team ... Training and Compassion

We are very proud that our lead mechanic, Jeremy Sanna, is an ASE-certified technician. He and his dad, Doug, put the heart and soul into C&S Auto and Truck Repair, Inc.

Jeremy Sanna is a 2000 graduate of the New England Institute of Technology. There Jeremy earned an Associate of Science in Automotive Mechanics. He is also certified to troubleshoot and recharge A/C components. [C&S has an environmentally-friendly device for working on A/C units which captures Freon from the system and later restores it to the repaired unit.] Red flatbed pickup truck restored at C&S Auto, pictured in our wheel alignment facility

Doug Sanna keeps the business running smoothly, doing some small repairs, searching for and sourcing automotive parts, ensuring the business' diagnostic and repair tools are current, etc. He's largely self-taught and humble. "Since the time I started driving, I've been working on my own vehicles. I've supplemented that knowledge by working side-by-side with Jeremy and attending additional training programs."

Doug's passion for this business and for doing a great job for his C&S Auto customers shines through!

A beige Corvette we restored, sitting in our wheel alignment building.

Kristen Cluff joined our team as receptionist in 2018. She greets customers, books appointments by phone and in person, and helps ensure smooth handling of your drop-off and check-out experience. Kristen has light service experience (jump starting cars, assisting customers who have locked their keys in the car, etc.), having worked many years for her dad’s towing company.

C&S Auto and Truck Repair, Inc. is proud to be a Green (environmentally-minded) company. We take advantage of our local Transfer Station to recycle cardboard, plastics, used antifreeze and old batteries. The waste oil from performing oil changes is used to heat our building.

Since September, 2016, we have been supplying most of our electrical needs by investing in solar panels. If interested, you can track the performance of our C&S Auto solar panels.

The C&S Auto repair team brings you a breadth of experience that also equals exceptional service. As owner, Doug Sanna, says "We put CARE into your CAR's SERVICE!"